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Find out about breast cancer online

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Dr Anees Chagpar from Yale University has put together an incredibly informative course: Introduction to breast cancer. It is meant for anyone who had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and for family or friends and carers.. Find out more about the course. Video of Dr Chagpar introducing the introduction to breast cancer course. WHY LEARN […]

A broader view of obesity

scary facts about obesity

Obesity research has traditionally focused on finding a single explanation and solution. One gene or one miracle diet or pill. A team of experts at Johns Hopkins University introduce a different perspective on obesity research with the online course Systems science and obesity. WHAT IS SYSTEMS SCIENCE? System science is a study of complex systems […]

New advances in peaceful sleep

New advances in peaceful sleep

Continuous brain monitoring called Bispectral Index monitoring or BIS for short, is a relatively new medical technology that can reduce common side effects of anaesthesia. I have asked Dr Stephen Rous, specialist anaesthetist in Cape Town to enlighten us about the BIS technology and how it works. Medical technology has been a little slow to […]

8 Questions to ask before your surgery

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So you are planning to go under the knife. And you feel a little nervous (that may be a bit of understatement). Being well informed and well prepared before your surgery turns the unknown into the familiar and makes the process much easier. I’ve put together for you, 8 essential questions you need to ask […]