Ear moulding gives the best results when started in the first weeks after birth. The Earwell infant ear correction system is a non-surgical, painless, safe and effective treatment to correct common infant ear deformities.

Ear moulding is a treatment used during infancy to mould deformed ears into a normal shape. Ear moulding is a non-surgical, painless, safe alternative to surgery. Ear moulding has been applied to a variety of congenital ear deformities with excellent results.

Ear development begins from three to six weeks in the growing embryo, the external ear projection begins at four months. Folding of the delicate ear structures begins at the end of the six month of fetal development.

Infant ear cartilage is very soft and malleable. This is owed to the circulating maternal hormone, oestrogen, which peaks three days after birth and returns to baseline at six weeks. The oestrogen interacts with an enzyme, Hyaluronidase, that keeps the cartilage flexible.

During this privileged period, ear deformities can be corrected permanently by moulding the ears into the correct shape. This saves your child from possibly needing more invasive plastic surgery later on to correct the deformity, and the unhappiness they may feel with their appearance if the deformity is not corrected.

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How it works

Earwell infant ear correction system

The Earwell infant correction system is worn for two to six weeks.

earwell infant ear correction system

EarWell corrects 90% of infant ear deformities.
(Byrd et al PRS 2010:126:1191-1200)


Early ear moulding can avoid surgery for abnormal ears.

the facts

Infant ear deformities are the most commonly overlooked infant deformity.

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Only 30% of infant ear deformities self correct!

Children with ear deformities are at risk of peer ridicule and teasing which can result in low self esteem, anxiety, social isolation and emotional withdrawal.

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