Upper Blepharoplasty

“I can wear mascara again!”


Upper Blepharoplasty:

“What an incredibly pain-free and rewarding experience my blepharoplasty was. Dr Neser and her team are warm, calm and nurturing – they patiently answered my myriad questions before and during the procedure! This is the first time I’ve had cosmetic surgery of any kind and I was apprehensive. But it honestly couldn’t have been a smoother process and I felt thoroughly secure and in safe hands. I would highly recommend Clare.”


Breast lift (Mastopexy)

“It was really life changing – thank you!”

Abbe, Mom of two, Cape Town

Skin cancer treatment, Highly recommended!

“I had a rodent ulcer removed. It was successful and painless facial surgery. I am feeling good!
It was among the best treatment I’ve experienced in doctor’s rooms. I felt welcomed. I was treated warmly. As far as affordability – the fees were at the usual specialist’s level. I liked the way the receptionist dealt with my medical aid.
If I could give any advice to other patients: “Go to Dr Neser to have the ulcer removed!”

Anonymous, Cape Town


“It’s 3 months after the surgery and I’m loving the results even more.
The healing was nice and fast. I had no infections and very minimal swelling or pain.
I can’t thank you and staff enough! You are the best!”

Love Sharizaan


“I was bitten in my face by a friend’s Boerboel in 2003. I was 14 years old at the time when the attack happen. My upper lip was completely split in two and stitched back together the best it could have been done 18 years ago. This was a very traumatizing experience and something I have felt self conscious about ever since.”

“A girlfriend inspired me to look into scar revision procedures and that’s is how I found Dr Clare. After spending some time online researching options available, I reached out to Dr Clare and made an appointment to have a chat with her. It was such a pleasant experience meeting her at her beautiful offices and telling her my story that I immediately felt I was at the right place, at the right time.”

“We discussed a couple of options and decided on our way forward. Dr Clare managed all my expectations with Regards to what I can expect which made me very comfortable going forward with my procedure. Surgery day came and my scar revision procedure was over before I even knew it!”

“I will never forget the day I left her practice actually having tears in my eyes just by seeing how beautifully she aligned my upper lip. It was very emotional for me as I have carried this deformity for more than half of my life, the improvement that she has done was so overwhelming, I had happy tears rolling down my cheeks.”


Hyaluronic acid fillers

“Dr. Neser was extremely patient and caring. I was very happy with the results of my fillers, it looked natural and it made me feel really confident. I also appreciated that Dr. Neser was available to answer all my questions via e-mail pre and post procedure, she called to follow up with me even though I did not have invasive surgery which was very impressive, she really goes above and beyond for her patients. I would gladly recommend Dr. Neser to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon.”

Anonymous, Reykjavik, Iceland

Cosmetic Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

“My cheeks and lips look amazing! Even my husband noticed!

Everyone kept telling me I looked tired and I had had enough. I was initially very apprehensive about the thought of seeing a plastic surgeon but you made me feel totally at ease and explained exactly how fillers work, and what the treatment would be like.

The fillers were practically painless, I only felt the first little sting at first and I had no bruising afterwards.

Your office staff are extremely caring and professional and I has an excellent experience right from the first phone call.

I will be back in again next year for more!”


Eyelid surgery

“I am over the moon with the results so far. Those that knew I was having it done have said ‘Wow what a difference’ but other than that I have not had others commenting specifically on my eyes but just saying I look really well, which it exactly what I wanted.

I can’t believe what a difference it has made to the ‘lightness’ of my lids it feels like I have a little spring attached to them, especially in the mornings. I used to really battle to open my eyes in the mornings with them feeling really heavy. Now they just spring open.

I also wanted to say that the whole experience was a breeze. You were all just so amazing and friendly, helpful, caring and especially calming. Your rooms have a very lovely feel about them from the minute you walk in. Thank you.”

Lucina, UK

Orthopedic reconstruction

“I feel very much satisfied with my surgery treatment as I sustained a very bad injury. My wounds have healed and I thank you for the work that you have done.

This was the very first operation I have had done and I would not hesitate to refer any person who would be in a similar situation.

At the practice, I was treated with respect and sincerity, not forgetting the friendliness and encouragement of the receptionist and the nurse.

I sustained a very bad leg injury and which required a lot of proper treatment with the guidance that I received at your office. Even though I still need a long time to fully recover because of the fractured bones, I am confident and much stronger than I was 5 months back.

My advice to other patients in a similar situation to me is: To keep fighting through their situation and keeping a positive mindset, and of course following the doctors’ instructions to be able to heal quickly and safely.

All I can say is thank you!”

S. Qashu

Skin cancer reconstruction

“I went in for the removal of a Basal Cell Carcinoma under my right eye. I was worried about scarring but Dr Neser did a brilliant job. No scarring at all.

If I ever need any further surgery of this nature I will have no hesitation of going back to Dr Neser. We were treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality at all times, and would not hesitate to recommend Dr Neser. We have already done so.

The services were very affordable compared to previous surgery of the same nature.”

Pam and Andy


“Although I haven’t have plastic surgery previously, my experience was very pleasant. Dr Neser and her staff were so wonderful and accommodating and explained everything in detail, so I was fully informed about the procedure and what to expect. I have no doubt that I will consult them again if I require plastic surgery in future.

My experience at the office from the very first day was always so warm and welcoming. The atmosphere and manner in which you are treated puts you at ease immediately. I have never had this type of experience at any other office as it mostly feels very clinical and one has the feeling of wanting the experience to end as soon as possible.

My problem (Hidradenitis Supparitiva) was quite severe when I came in and required surgery after a bout of antibiotics. Dr Neser explained my condition in detail and gave me all the information I needed to make decisions on the required lifestyle changes and also about the impending surgery. Overall, I am much more confident after speaking to her about managing my condition and minimising my symptoms in future. The positive attitude I now have is all attributed to the excellent bedside manner Dr Neser displayed and I am truly grateful for that.

I found the rates charged by Dr Neser to be extremely reasonable and in addition, she does not charge for follow-up sessions (which other doctors do charge for). This ultimately constitutes a huge saving, especially considering the specialist care one receives from Dr Neser.

I would advise other patients in a similar situation that they visit Dr Neser, even if they don’t require surgery. They will receive information from a seasoned professional, in a very caring manner, that they would not be able to receive from simply doing research on the Internet. It really does help to speak to a professional about the condition and how to better manage it in future.

I have a very high regard for Dr Clare Neser and her team. They are the most caring and compassionate healthcare team I have had the privilege of liaising with.

Thanks once again for the excellent care!”

Vascular malformation reconstruction

“I was pleasantly reminded of you last week when I reflected that it has been a year since my surgery for removal of the malformed and very unsightly vein on my lower lip.

In the months leading up to your intervention, it had become larger and more susceptible to bleeding very easily causing of severe personal embarrassment not to mention the mark mistaken for some food and the well intentioned suggestions of people to wipe my mouth.

When I came to you I was extremely apprehensive not knowing what to expect. Very quickly, you assuaged my fears by your excellent and gracious manner that gave me the freedom to ask all my questions freely. Your detailed explanations of the procedure, what it all entailed and what I could expect made my decision to go ahead all the more easier. Furthermore, your accommodation of my wish for a preferred anaesthetic set my mind at rest.

The resulting surgery was a huge success with virtually no visible scar and now a year later, it’s a happy memory!

Thank you so much Clare for everything! From your kind and considered way of dealing with me right through to a very fair bill in the very end not to mention your follow up with me.

Please feel free to share this note with anyone who would understandably feel I way I did.

Thanks again!”

Richard Bougard

Cosmetic Botox

“I first went to Dr Neser for some botox, I have been seeing a dermatologist for my botox in the past and realised that Dr Neser goes the extra mile in making sure all the correct muscle groups are injected and explained in much more detail how important it is to treat the correct muscles. Her treatment also lasts so much longer. She has such a gentle touch when working with me and always made me feel at ease.

Dr Neser has beautiful rooms and the staff are all very friendly and professional.

Dr Neser also subsequently removed a mole on my jawline, I have healed completely and am left with no scarring. I have all confidence in her work and specialised skills and will gladly recommend her to anybody.”

Helena Griessel

Skin cancer removal

“I was referred by a dermatologist to Dr Clare Neser as I needed surgery to remove skin cancer from my forehead. This was successfully done, leaving scars which are hardly visible at all.

I can only commend the care I received, not only by Dr Neser, who handled my operation with great skill and a wonderful bedside manner but also the post-operative care I received by Dr Neser’ nursing staff and the friendly reception staff.

I would confidently recommend Dr Neser’s practice to anyone needing plastic surgery.”

Tracey Stoll

Nasal reconstruction

:I have never met such an outstanding professional medical team who embraced us and I can only thank them sincerely for being so kind, gentle, understanding and for walking this road with me.

I was so apprehensive about the skin cancer on my nose, I knew I would need surgery and I was terrified. From the moment Dr. Neser opened her door, she smiled at me and I felt relieved as she immediately made me feel relaxed and my apprehensive feelings of fear was replaced with trust and confidence.

Thank you Carla for being such a warm, caring, calm, patient and encouraging receptionist and for doing your utmost to assist us with the administration. Your encouragement meant so much to me when I felt low and you always made time for listening to me even though you were very busy as a receptionist.

Thank you Sister Konni for your phone calls and reassurance, and for gently reminding me that my nose will not disappear or fall off when I cleaned my face. I remember how fearful I felt when I looked in the mirror for the first time when you replaced the dressings and how you reassured me that I would look beautiful after the surgeries.

Thank you to Dr. Rous (anaesthetist) for being part of this great team. I immediately felt comfortable and relaxed when you introduced yourself to me and I had complete trust in your capabilities as my anaesthetist. Thank you for going the extra mile and for treating your patients with such respect before and after surgery.

Dr. Neser I want to thank you for being such an outstanding plastic surgeon. I am very grateful that I chose you to perform these surgeries, because I think it is a woman’s worst nightmare to have facial reconstructive surgery and you showed so much compassion and empathy.

I have seen lots of unsuccessful cosmetic surgeries and as a result felt that I would never choose to have any cosmetic work done to my face. But I had to have the skin cancer growths removed and now I can only congratulate and salute you for the outstanding work that you perform on a daily basis and for helping so many other people with your excellent skills and for your compassion and love for underprivileged adults and children. I might now even consider having cosmetic surgery (ha ha) in the future thanks to your excellent skills.

Thank you for giving me back my face and for your guidance and patience during this ordeal. I have only had compliments from people, family and friends, in fact, strangers cannot believe that I had any surgery done at all on my face! Such a compliment for you and your team.

We wish you every success for your practice and for your future. Keep up the good work.”

Marita and Rod Michel

Skin cancer reconstruction

“I am very happy with the outcome – minimal scarring considering I had a squamous cell carcinoma, that was surgically removed and I was given a perforator flap reconstruction to ensure that the shape of my ankle was maintained.

I was always treated with respect by Doctor Neser and Carla the Receptionist. The fees were very reasonable when compared with fees for recent toe surgery to remove cancerous tumour by another Practice.

My advice to patients is to have regular check-ups to avoid “sun spots” becoming “Carcinomas” or anything worse.

Just to add that I did have fun with the Adult Colouring book and crayons provided (in the waiting room), and appreciated telephone reminders by the Receptionist when appointments were due and to check on my welfare after the surgery.”

Lynne Perry


Paediatric emergency

“When our son (4 at the time) split his forehead open on a steel door frame and therefore required plastic surgery, friends of ours recommended Dr Clare Neser based on their experience when they took one of their boys in with a badly split lip. We are pleased that they did and we are even more so with her work on our son’s forehead, it was a nasty split and it has healed well with a barely visible scar. More recently my wife needed to have something removed from her scalp and again Dr Neser and team were superb, from the assistance with the medical aid application to the surgery itself we are most pleased with the way it was all handled.

We have recommended Dr Neser to friends, who were likewise pleased, and we will continue to do so. One trusts not to have to but should again we require the services of a plastic surgeon her offices will be our first call.”

“Happy repeat Patient”

Cape Town

Hand skin cancer reconstruction

“My Plastic surgery treatment was Excellent. Couldn’t have been better.

Everyone was very kind and helpful and the whole experience was most unalarming!

I had a very irritating lump on my hand which was catching on everything and driving me mad. In England it was thought to be a gnat bite even though it didn’t go away. I was delighted to have it dealt with so quickly and efficiently in South Africa.

My advice for patients is: If you have something which doesn’t go away in a reasonable time, have it checked out and if necessary get a second opinion.

My hand is absolutely excellent. The operation itself was neat, quick, very professional and completely painless, it did the job and I HAVE NO SCAR AT ALL. You would have no idea that there had been an operation.”

Felicity Pigott, Lady Pigott

Wiltshire, England